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Our Annual Activities | Volunteer Opportunities

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Become a Steward - We host two “Little Libraries” in Pawtuxet Village. They function on the honor system; everyone contributes to ensure there are always quality books inside. However, to ensure that the library is clean, safe and kept orderly, we will need local residents to serve as stewards year-round. Click here for more about the Pawtuxet Village Little Libraries
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Our box is located in the plot next to O'Rourke's - We need help with regular weeding and watering of plants. Also, to mulch and replace flowers or plants as needed.

Click here to volunteer to help with the flower box
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Chess Club - We are looking for adult or seasoned mentors for the Pawtuxet Village Chess Club. The club meets weekly in Pawtuxet Park, at 6pm between June-September (Memorial Day to Labor Day) with members from ages 10 to adult.
Click here for more about the Pawtuxet Village Chess Club
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Our Annual Fundraiser held in the Fall - We need help promoting the event: distributing flyer and posters outside of the Village. Also, visiting local eateries to drop off and collect paperwork; help with set up of door prizes the day of the event; take a shift to sit at the registration table the day of the event.
Click here for more about the Taste of Pawtuxet Village
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Pawtuxet Village Scarecrow Contest - Visit the Village to see the lampposts come to life during the month of October. Residents, school groups and businesses will be vying for your vote.

Click here for more about the Pawtuxet Village Scarecrow Contest
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First Saturday in October - We heed help with the ticket table - each volunteer gets one free ticket for the hay ride.

NOTE: This event is on hiatus until further notice.
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Last Saturday in October - We need adults to help at cross walks during the stroll through the village (meet us at Pawtuxet Park) and also to help organize the children’s gathering/concert at the playground at the end of the parade.
Click here for more about the Pawtuxet Village Halloween Happenings
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January - We need help dropping off food boxes at participating stores in Pawtuxet Village, and then visiting once a week to check each box, gather food and deliver it to the food pantry. Click here for more about the Pawtuxet Village Winter Food Drive
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First Weekend in December - We need help with the any or all of the following: distributing flyers around the Village and outlying neighborhoods (take some with you to the neighborhood where you work); decorating the children's Christmas Tree; setting up luminarias in the park on; liaison with Village businesses to help prepare for stroll weekend.
Click here for more about Christmas in Pawtuxet Village