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Points of Light | Angels in the Night

Lighting of the Luminarias in the Park
Saturday, December 4, 2021 • 5:30PM

RAIN DATE: Sunday, December 5th @5:00PM

Remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones, friends, family
who have left this earth.

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Suggested donation is $10 each; $15 for two; $25 for three. NOTE: Maximum luminarias per order is three.

A portion of these funds will be donated to a local pantry in our neighborhood to help sustain food supplies in the upcoming year.
The sponsored lanterns will be displayed and maintained to stay lit at the park through December 31st (they will be taken down on New Year's Day)

We are looking for volunteers to help us set them up, maintain them and then to help us take them down in January. Click on the Contact Us button to the left if you can help in any way.
We ran out of the luminarias, however, you can still remember someone during the holidays in this way: submit their name and send a donation and we will write them on a hear-shaped sign, place in front of the tree and illuminate it with a spot light throughout the holiday season.
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There are still a few Pawtuxet Holiday Hearts currently available to sponsor.
There are 0 luminarias currently available to sponsor.

Thank you to those who have reserved a luminaria in 2019. Below is a list in the order that you signed up and as your name appeared in the PayPal account:

Joseph Acquaro
Kimberly Albaugh
Marie Ahlert
Heidi Andrews
Diane Chaplin
Bonnie Doyle
Kristen Forbes
Michael Forrester
Michael Hedley
Bonnie Hoisington
Ryan Johnson
Cynthia Leblanc
Alison Masinda
Mia Milliea
Jill Moral
Joan Mullin
Jane Murphy
Kathleen Neuman
Tracy Nickerson
Karen Ramsden
Kimberly Sampson
Kerri Stowik
Jennifer Vadnais
Elaine Williams
Shirlie Yazidjian
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